Volunteering at Club Sapphire

Volunteers are the face of our club and our community. This is a party and we want everyone including our volunteers to have fun. Volunteers keep our parties exciting and running smoothly. Without our volunteers we would not be able to provide such wonderful parties for so many people. Volunteers are what keep this club going and are extremely appreciated! Besides having a blast we hope all of our volunteers will feel amply rewarded with free parties and/or credits that you can use towards parties

How to Volunteer

Step 1: Contact Us to Volunteer.

  • Use our Contact button below to send your information to our coordinators.
  • Let us know which jobs and parties you may be interested in assisting with.
  • At a party coordinators or management will go over each job with you. You will be given a check list and a quick walk through.

Contact Us

Step 2: Schedule/Work your Volunteer Hours

  • Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators to schedule your dates/times/types of volunteer hours.

Step 3: Volunteer Hours/Trades

  • The party you work is FREE!
  • Bank your volunteer time
    • Example: You have worked multiple times as a Bartender and over the last month banked numerous volunteer hours. You and your partner are now going to attend a party together. Your volunteer credits will allow you free admittance.
    • Partial cash payments are also permitted. If you don’t have enough credits for another full party fee, simply add your credits to your cash and attend the party of your choice.
  • If you have a question send us an email, Be sure to include your phone number.

Step 4: Volunteer and HAVE FUN

  • Do not miss out on the fun you can have DURING your volunteer hours as well as banking hours towards future parties! It is work, but still a great time for getting to know other members.

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