Single Gents Guidelines & Rules

Club Sapphire is NOT a "SEX CLUB". We are a very large social community and primarily a club for non-monogamous, consensual, adult couples. We will allow one single gentleman, from our approved list, to attend our parties when a single female attends the same party. This keeps our numbers gender balanced for any given party. We are not a dating service or trying to match anyone up. We do not arrange any kind of sexual activity.

ALL NEW gentlemen must ATTEND our Orientation by purchasing a NEW SINGLE MALE ORIENTATION ticket and a minimum of a 1-night membership prior to your arrival at club.

How to Make an Orientation Reservation
After you have submitted an application, confirmed your email and selected a Username, you can select an event, click on Reserve Now and then purchase your ticket for a party AND a membership. Your orientation will automatically be scheduled. To speed up the process, please provide your photo ID prior to attending an event. Tickets are limited so we suggest you make your purchase early!


ALL single gentlemen MUST have a reservation PRIOR to arrival at the club for ALL parties.

Club Sapphire is a Private Lifestyle Club for Swingers. WE ARE NOT A BROTHELWe are a social club for people in the lifestyle community. Many of our members do enjoy the company of a respectful gentleman or men. This is the reason some couples attend Club Sapphire. A great way to meet up with our members is in the social and dance areas. Trying to connect with other members in a playroom does not work!


CONSENT, RESPECT & ACCEPTANCE  is the key to everyone having a good time.

  1. THE GOLDEN RULE “NO means NO” – No one should ever need to say it twice or even very loud. Anyone at anytime can say NO, even if in the middle of an encounter. It's okay to change your mind after saying yes and we recommend that you always check in with your partner to make sure all is well.
  2. NO TOUCHING WITHOUT VERBAL PERMISSION – Always ask first, even if you see a group of others touching it doesn't mean that you have permission!
  3. APPROACH THE LADIES WITH RESPECT – If a single lady or wife is interested in you, let them approach you. Approach the husband/boyfriend and treat him with respect. It is considered polite to talk with BOTH partners. Be patient and polite during the evening.
  4. INTOXICATION – Drunkenness will not be tolerated. If you are under the influence at check-in entry into the party will not be allowed. Legal consent cannot be given by anyone that is intoxicated. This is not a venue that tolerates any kind of drunks.
  5. You are REQUIRED to act like a gentleman and be courteous at all times.
  6. DON’T BE CREEPY – NO HARASSMENT – This includes: Gawking at the lady members, asking for phone numbers, and asking for sex more than once. Jacking off in public is creepy! If you are interested in swinging with someone, let him or her know in an inviting way. If they are interested, they will respond positively. If they are not and say “No, thank you,” NEVER ASK WHY or ask a second time.
  7. PLAY ROOMS –You are NEVER allowed to enter the play areas by yourself. You may not walk or cruise  the hallways. You must be with a partner in the playrooms and back hallways. (We do offer a Voyeur Room at some of our parties. Please check the rules before entering this space.)  If we see you unaccompanied in a playroom, you will be asked to leave the premises. YOUR MEMBERSHIP MAY BE SUSPENDED OR TERMINATED & YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM OUR APPROVED SINGLE MALE LIST!
  8. CONDOMS must be worn at all times when interacting with anyone unless you have verbally agreed and have permission to go bareback.

If at any time you break ANY of the rules, you will be escorted out and your membership may be terminated. You will be banned from ever returning. NO REFUNDS, NO 2nd CHANCES. Remember, it is a PRIVILEGE for single gents to be invited to a Lifestyle Club, so don’t jeopardize your privilege.

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Event Guidelines

Over the years our guests have found that these simple guidelines make parties enjoyable, safe and fun for everyone.

1. Consent! Consent! Consent! Please remember to ask before touching. Verbal consent is important! Sexual assault/harassment is real and will be taken seriously.

2. The biggest rule is “NO means NO”. No person, male or female, should have to say no twice, nor explain an answer of “No thank you”.

3. Absolutely no illegal drugs, over indulgence of alcohol or fighting are ever allowed.

4. No firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on our premises. Violation will result in immediate expulsion and termination of membership.

5. Practice safe sex! Condoms are required unless express verbal permission between the parties is given. Condoms are provided.

6. Respect each other. We have members of all body shapes and sizes, professions, education, religions, ethnic background and sexual orientations and desires.



9. Respect the rules of the venue. Since some of our special events take place in hotels or resorts, it is important to respect their rules; such as where clothing is optional and where sexual activity is permitted.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us .

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