The Swinging Lifestyle Explained


Swinging (sometimes referred to as the swing lifestyle or simply the lifestyle) refers to relationships in which the partners participate in some form of consensual non-monogamous sexual experiences. The overall concept of a swing lifestyle club is to provide a safe place where everyone can act out their personal sexual fantasies. The exact fantasies are up to the person, but the hope is by providing a safe place those fantasies will be enacted and will grow into even more fulfilling sexual experiences.

Most on-premise (sexual activity can occur at the party location) lifestyle clubs provide the opportunity to explore as much or as little of the lifestyle as each person is comfortable with. On-premise clubs usually offer great DJs and popular bands playing music for dancing throughout the evening as well as venues (play areas) for varying degrees of sexual activity. While not all couples attend the parties to share partners or play with others, many like to know there are many possibilities out there. Some are open to sharing intercourse with their partners and friends. Others will flirt and enjoy threesomes or sexual acts that do not include actual intercourse. The most important thing is to have open discussions with others that might be interested prior to initiating any play. Communication is a must in the lifestyle and this means not only between partners but also with others.

Consensual Sensuality!

What is a Lifestyle Party?


The lifestyle is built upon the concept that all participants are free to consent or reject any request to participate in sexual play.

The biggest rule is “NO means NO”. No person, male or female, should have to say no twice, nor explain their answer of “No thank you”. There are many reasons people might not be interested in a sexual interaction. Many partners have a “safe word” between each other for removing themselves from an awkward situation politely. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and agree upon their rules for themselves and their partner prior to attending or participating in their first party. Every relationship is different and therefore every relationship has its own set of rules that will work within their relationship. The goal is to make all partners equally comfortable.

Most lifestyle parties are social parties for couples. Couples tend to dress up as they would for any downtown club or bar. However, at lifestyle functions we get to be a bit more daring and provocative – it’s a chance to wear that revealing outfit that isn’t quite appropriate for downtown. Many times the parties are themed – imagine the possibilities for Halloween!!! No one is ever required to wear specific clothes (nor any clothes in some play areas) but clothes shopping suddenly takes on a new dimension for everyone!

Each new experience and party will provide partners with ample avenues for discussion. Over time, relationships expand and grow as new fantasies are explored. Many times partners will change or adapt their boundaries over time through this discussion process.

The lifestyle means something different to each person. There is nothing any person ever HAS to do and no one should ever feel they MUST say yes to a play request. There are many couples that enjoy lifestyle frienships and social events especially the great dances, but do not participate in the sexual activities.

This is a great open-minded community that appreciates people, their friendships and the many differences there are between all of us.

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