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Welcome to Club Sapphire!

You are either new to the lifestyle, new to Sapphire or possibly both. We are very excited to introduce you to Club Sapphire and have you join us at an upcoming party. We have lots of couples every week that are interested in attending one of our parties and meeting other couples already involved in the lifestyle. If you are brand new to the lifestyle, you may be very excited, but you may also be apprehensive and a little scared and nervous about your first real lifestyle event.  This is perfectly normal. You will love our members and guests! It really is the people that make our parties so fantastic.

If you are brand new to the lifestyle, you may be very excited, but you may also be apprehensive, a little scared and nervous about your first event.  This is perfectly normal.  Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

A: Club Sapphire is located 10 minutes South of Seattle and 10 minutes East of SeaTac Airport in Tukwila, WA.
14220 Interurban Ave S Suite A-110, Tukwila, WA 98168

A: A brief 15 minute orientation is required for all new members. Orientations are held every party night until midnight. Please arrive at a time that is convenient for you. All single/solo gents must have a confirmed reservation prior to arrival.

A: Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, School Teachers, Secretaries, Engineers, IT people, Appraisers, Nurses, Factory workers, Waitresses, Business owners, Military. In other words people from all walks of life.
LGBTQ+ Members –Welcome! While we are primarily a couples' club, we also welcome singles. Please note that you will need to register as a member with whatever your legal ID shows. We are happy to add a nickname or preferred name. Once you are registered and have agreed with and acknowledged our privacy agreement, you may attend and pay for any events using the gender you associate as. Please email for any specific questions or clarification to:
A: Sapphire parties are attended by a wide range of age groups from 21 year olds to people in their 70's, the average age being 35–55.
A: You are welcome to wear your sexy clothes to orientation or change afterwards in our co-ed locker room.

A: BYOB allowed. Sodas, coffee and tea are free as always.

We work with an amazing catering company that will serve a buffet of appetizers throughout the evening. A midnight snack is provided and usually consists of sandwich makings, chips and a dessert. No one is going to starve to death.

A: There is a co-ed shower with 4 shower heads that may be used throughout the evening. Fresh clean towels are always provided.
A: Men wear nice jeans, a nice top or slacks and a dress shirt, some men wear kilts and the women wear anything from lingerie and corsets to sexy dresses. Some parties are very dressy and you will see Tuxes and evening gowns. Our Halloween parties should not be missed. Almost everyone wears a costume. It is our craziest event of the year!
A: We have a variety of playrooms. Some rooms have multiple beds for group play if desired; some have bunk beds and cubbies. Other rooms are more intimate with just one or two beds. A few play areas have curtains to pull shut for privacy. Condoms, lubes, pads and tissues are provided, although many members bring their own supplies and toys.
A: Most people don't expect anyone to play with them just because they flirt. Many people have been flirting with other couples for years and do not engage is sexual activity. Feel free to flirt and have fun! Kissing and touching is ok without ever having sex. But ALWAYS ask permission before touching or kissing anyone, even on the dance floor.
A: The easiest way is to just ask. "Would you like to go to a playroom with us?" For some people this is a very easy question and for others it will be very hard to ask. Put yourself out there and take a chance!
A: Most men have a little trouble with this the first few times in a group environment. If it does happen to you, please know that it is totally normal. Don't let that stop you from playing. You can always use your hands and mouth to pleasure the woman you are with should you have trouble maintaining an erection.
A: There is no pressure to do anything except have fun. Dancing and flirting with other people and only playing with your own partner is a fun way to spend the evening too! Any of these options make for a great evening! Some people never have sex with anyone but their own partner. They enjoy the sexually charged atmosphere but don't ever feel the need to have sex with anyone else. At a first party or event it is not unusual to have sex with each other many, many times! It will most certainly ramp up your sex drive.
A: We promote safe sex and provide condoms. You may want to bring a travel size of your favorite lube, favorite condoms and toys. Don't forget your Hitachi magic wand or strap-on for the ladies! Bring sexy lingerie, a robe for strolling in the hallway or a cover up of some sort to wear in the play areas. Men might like to bring sexy boxers or a robe. Towels are provided.
You may bring a bottle/can of your favorite adult beverage to check in at the bar. Please take any leftover alcohol home with you as we cannot store it for you.
A: Please leave your valuables at home or in your car. There are plenty of lockers to store your stuff. Bringing a combination lock is a good idea. Locks are also sold at the front desk for $5. A record of your combination is kept, if you should forget the number late at night.
A: It is all about communication and what you decide as a couple. Talk about how you might handle this situation before you get to the event. You will certainly run into this situation, eventually. You can prepare yourselves by discussing what you find attractive and what you see as a turn-off. Some couples use a code word or phrase to signal to their partner that the situation is not working for them.

A: If you are brand new to the lifestyle we highly recommend that you attend one of our Swinging 101 Classes held the first Friday of every month. This is the perfect time to talk with experienced lifestyle couples and share questions with other newbies. Here are a few thoughts to consider:

As a couple do we play together in the same room or go our separate ways and play in different rooms?

What levels of intimacy do you both agree on when involved with another couple?

Is it okay for one person to play while the other just socializes?

Most couples have a "safe" word or phrase that can be used to communicate to your partner that you are not comfortable and need a private word with them.

A: Communication is a must in the lifestyle. Sapphire business cards are provided in the lobby for exchanging information. Some couples prepare their own contact cards with names and "lifestyle" email.
A: Most people dread the thought of running into someone they know from work, Girl Scouts, the salon, or… wherever. Keep in mind, they are here for the same reasons you are. Lifestyle couples are very discrete and everyone at Club Sapphire is required to sign a privacy agreement.
A: Jump in and have fun! Attend any party with no expectations so you are never disappointed. It is all about deciding to have a good time and going with the flow! Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to say, "Hi". Swingers are the happiest group of people you will ever meet; they are all getting laid regularly!
A: It is all about consent and in the lifestyle both voyeurism and exhibitionists are welcome. We also have a room for voyeurs. It is always polite to ask if it is okay to watch. Sometimes this is a great conversation starter, but read the room and make sure you are not interrupting an intimate moment. As a couple, you are welcome to walk around the playroom areas. We ask that you be in some form of undress when standing in a playroom. We do not allow singles (any gender) to walk around the back.
A: Our website has Members Area. Everyone who logs into this area has been to Club Sapphire, shown proper ID and signed a privacy agreement. We also have 2 private Facebook groups besides our public Facebook business page. These groups while monitored are not necessarily people that have been to the club, shown ID or signed a privacy agreement. The 2 different groups consist of a general page for all members and potential members, plus a Bi Bi group page for Bi-Sexuals and their partners. Most couples create a "play" profile for themselves to use in these groups. Please let us know if you would like an invitation to one or both of the groups. These are private pages and no one can search for or see if you are part of the group unless they are also members of the pages.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your first party better or if you have any questions.

All of us, our amazing staff and volunteers are here to make sure you have an exceptional experience and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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